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Michelle Cates

Michelle Cates

Michelle Cates currently serves as the Director of the Sexual Assault Victim’s Care Unit. For most of her career she has worked in disability services supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. She has helped develop and manage a variety of successful supported employment and transition programs that support a person’s right to live work contribute and be active in our communities.

When asked why she became involved with Call for Help she responded: “I came to Call for Help because working in my own community is important to me. Call for Help has a long standing reputation for serving those is our area. The Sexual Assault Victim’s Care Unit is strong team of passionate advocates. There is nothing I love more than advocating.

I have 3 children and two boys and a daughter. I want my daughter to grow up in world where her thoughts and ideas are just as important as my sons. I do not want my greatest fear for my daughter to be that she’s a girl. I want my sons to understand the impact of their actions and to be men that empower those around them with kindness and compassion regardless of sex, race, ability, or religion. Every single person has value and worth and deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.”