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Volunteer Recruiter


We are seeking a positive, enthusiastic, multitasker to join our team. The ideal candidate is ambitious, professional, reliable and has a passion for helping others. The successful candidate will develop, promote, and maintain a variety of volunteer opportunities within the agency as well as ensure that volunteers and interns are staffed to support the various areas of operations. The Volunteer Recruiter will represent the agency positively and professionally while in the community and have the ability to work well with all levels of internal management, staff, clients, funders, and vendors. The Sexual Assault Victims Care Unit is an Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA) member Rape Crisis Center serving Madison, St. Clair, Monroe, and Randolph Counties.


·         Supervise group volunteer opportunities and program-related projects including  in-kind donations

·         Recruit and train volunteers, interns, and employees in a five-county radius

·         Coordinate, organize, and conduct 40-Hour Crisis Center Training

·         Interview possible volunteers with guidance and attendance of management

·         Supervision to volunteers in accordance with ICASA and CFH standards

·         Manage and track all volunteer files including direct and non-direct service hours

·         Provide SA program manager and assistant with monthly volunteer schedules for SA program

·         Conduct monthly meetings and community awareness events with volunteer participation

·         Ensure volunteers are properly tracking and documenting direct service

·         Attend ICASA events related to volunteerism

·         Attend SA all staff meetings, attend CFH all staff meetings

·         Receive .50 hours of supervision from program manager or program director in SA once a week.

·         Document time spent providing/ receiving supervision, document any of their own direct client/ direct service time 

·         Sourcing posts for Facebook and other social media sites

·         Researching grants and writing proposals

·         Help plan and coordinate special events

·         Assist with mailings

·         Update the agency website

·         Produce content for the website

·         Assist with community presentations


·         Strong Presentation Skills

·         Familiarity with social network sites

·         Proficient skill with Office Products

·         Ability to multi-task effectively

·         Must be able to work well with deadlines

·         Exceptional work ethic

·         Exemplary communication skills

·         Desire to work in a fast-moving environment with moving parts and unforeseen requests

·         Understanding of how to communicate effectively through the use of photos, video, and text to create presentations

·         Ability to work a flexible schedule including evening weekend availability

Call for Help, Inc. helps people overcome a variety of personal crises, ranging from sexual assault and poverty to homelessness and mental illness. We change lives by giving people skills and support that empower them to overcome emotional and physical crisis.