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Sexual Assault Volunteer Information

Volunteer Opportunities with the Sexual Assault Victims Care Unit

Our volunteers help us ensure that victims who receive emergency treatment at our partner hospitals in Madison, St. Clair, Randolph, and Monroe are never alone.  Beyond advocacy, our volunteers do so much more- from collecting and sorting donated clothing to facilitating education and training programs to standing in solidarity with survivors at awareness events. 

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Crisis Volunteers

Call for Help's Crisis Volunteers are here exclusively to serve the needs of survivors - the sole person on whom survivors can count to protect their rights and ensure consistent, specialized, and humane treatment in the face of such unimaginable trauma.

Roles & Responsibilites

Our crisis volunteers are on-call to provide crisis counseling in area hospitals. They are the people who answer the page from the hospital emergency room- the caring strangers who arrive to hold an unsteady hand, decipher medical and legal terminology and filter through countless forms and paperwork, all to put victims on the pathway to becoming fully healed.

Advocates are required to 

  • Commit to a full year of service
  • Become a certified Rape Crisis Counselor (40 hours of training is required)
  • Be on-call to provide crisis counseling for at least one shift per month

With the survivor's permission, volunteers are expected to remain with the survivor the survivor throughout the medical examination and evidence collection.  Crisis intervention counseling will also be provided for the survivor and significant others.  When appropriate, advocates will accompany the survivor to the police station to file a report or for interviews by police or prosecutors.  If a case is taken to court, a Call for Help staff member can provide accompaniment and much more for the duration of the legal process, as needed.

Crisis volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. 



We help effect positive social change in schools, business, and the community at large through our education and training programs. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Call for Help provides public education to improve the treatment of sexual assault survivors and to effect positive change in plicies and public attitudes tward sexual asault.   Educators speak at schools, rallies, help train new medical advocates and others working directly with survivors, including medical and law enforcement personnel.  

Volunteer Educators are expected to:

  • Complete the 40 hour advocacy training
  • Complete additional training as nessecary
  • Train new advocates or professionals
  • Give public talks on sexual violence

Call for Help's education and training programs reach hundreds fo adult community members and tens of thousands of children and youth throughout our community annually

Educators must be 18 years of age or older.