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TLC Program Manager

Transitional Living Center Program Manager

Minimum Qualifications
We are seeking a positive, enthusiastic, multitasker to join our team. The ideal candidate is ambitious and has a passion for helping others. We have an immediate opening for a self-motivated individual to be our next rock star at the Transitional Living Center. Under the direction, guidance, and supervision of the Director of Operations, the Program Manager assumes specific program and project coordination responsibilities for the Transitional Living Center activities with minimal supervisory intervention. The Program Manager coordinates staff and resident activities and has the ability to perform supervisory skills and applies management techniques in dealing with all aspects of program service and staff personnel.
The Program Manager accepts responsibilities for program services development, implementation, evaluation and is capable of making recommendations for change. The candidate for this position will apply innovative practices and current trends in management and recommends application, adaption, and modifications if such practices to meet the needs of staff, residents, the agency and the populace it serves. The Program Manager will demonstrate efficient time management skills and must be proficient in grant writing. The position requires a Master’s Degree in the social service field from an accredited college or university and a minimum of five years in a non-profit setting. An MBA or Master’s in PA will be considered. Supervisory experience is required and the candidate must be proficient in administration supervision and program development.

• Train, supervise and evaluate the work activities of assigned personnel within the Transitional Living
• Ensure all needed equipment, furnishings and supplies are provided or are available for the
Transitional Living Program
• Establish working relationships with other providers who refer to the Transitional Living Center or
who will provide a service to the program
• Review and monitor all program income and expenditures which are received monthly from the
Director of Finance through grants and other contracts
• Review and complete all monthly billings
• Develop and maintain working and contractual agreements with area agencies, educational
institutions, medical facilities, law enforcement, mental health agencies, youth services agencies,
social service agencies and businesses
• Coordinate program publicity with the Development Director. Advertise the availability of services by
distribution of program brochures, mailings, community presentations and local media
• Provide weekly supervision to Residential Assistants, Case Managers, and Educational/Vocational
• Complete monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and statistics as required
• Participate in the development and review of Treatment/Action Plan on all residents who enter the
• Responsible for Transitional Living Center personnel administration, recruitment, orientation,
interpretation of personnel policies and the processing of personnel matters.
• Oversee the administration of agency policies and procedures governing the internal operations of
Call for Help and standards of performance of agency personnel within the Transitional Living Center
• Coordinate and facilitate monthly TLC staff meetings
• Assure that all standards and certifications are maintained
• Assist in developing and the expansion of the program through writing grants to support program
• Maintain and abide by the policies and procedures of the agency
• Meet bi-weekly with immediate supervisor (Director of Operations), unless specified otherwise,
regarding the program
• Provide crisis intervention as needed
• Attend other required meetings as scheduled
• Seek other funding and donations for the Center
• Provide individual counseling as needed for staff in a supervisory capacity
• Directly responsible for time sheets and performance evaluations of immediate staff. Initiates any
necessary corrective action in a systematic and timely manner
• Work in coordination with the Executive Director and other Program managers to assure the delivery
of all services in a consistent fashion
• Actively participates in the development, presentation, and evaluation of educational components for
program services for staff, residents and the community at large
• The omission of specific functions does not preclude management from the assigning other duties
when the Board of Directors believes it to be in the best interest of the program and Call for Help

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
• Requires ability to exercise, initiate and demonstrate administrative capability in planning, directing,
coordinating and evaluating the activities with the Center
• Requires the ability to develop, implement, evaluate and revise administrative policies and
procedures and the operations relating to the program and its record management
• Requires the ability to manage an effective work unit within the Center while coordinating activity
with other programs within Call for Help
• Requires the ability to present facts and recommendations effectively both orally and in written
• Requires effective time management to meet position, report and assignment needs
• Requires the ability and skills to communicate effectively with a diverse population
• Must maintain total confidentiality at all times


• A Master’s Degree in social services
• A background in social services with supervisory experience
• Must have a valid Driver’s License and insurance
• Be willing to travel out of town for training as necessary
• Must be able to manage a flexible schedule
• Clean criminal history and background
• Provide empowering support and guidance
• Have the ability to intervene appropriately in a crisis situation
• Must maintain total confidentiality at all times
• Requires the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population
• The ability to network, build and grow solid professional relationships
• Possess the ability to speak in a variety of public settings to large and small crowds
• Obtain a health physical and TB test
• Have the ability to sit, stand, bend, and lift up to 30 lbs
• Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor at all times
• Confidently speak in public

Call for Help, Inc. helps people overcome a variety of personal crises, ranging from sexual assault and poverty to homelessness and mental illness. We change lives by giving people skills and support that empower them to overcome emotional and physical crisis.