Transitional Living Center

Empowering Young Mothers


This intensive two-year residential program helps homeless young women, who are pregnant or the parent of young children, develop the skills and support to live successfully and independently in the community.  During their stay at the Transitional Living Center, participants receive a variety of services including life skills class, job readiness training, educational opportunities, parenting classes and counseling.  The Transitional Living Center makes long-term changes in young mother’s lives, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.

Participants are referred to the Transitional Living Center by homeless shelters, mental health organizations, family service organizations and others.  The Transitional Living Center is located in a modern 18,000 square foot facility containing three residential wings with a total of 18 units along with classrooms and activity rooms.

Goals of the Transitional Living Center

  •  Achieve independent living.
  • Develop living skills including money management, housekeeping, meal selection and food safety.
  • Complete education including a diploma or GED along with job readiness training and skills.
  • Improve parenting skills.
  • Connect with community resources for long term support.


We also help a limited number of young women who are neither pregnant nor parenting small children, but lack the resources or supports to live independently.